Why We’re Different

For starters, our view starts with a well-earned perspective — a perspective from the CEO and CFO.

How we see things has developed from working for over a decade with Chief Executive Officers and Chief Financial Officers of more than 150 companies. Our clients range from start-up entities to Fortune 1000 companies, and they all count on us to assist and sometimes direct their company efforts in improving their financial and operational reporting processes.

Why We're different

We Think

  • That technology is not the ‘end all-do all’ panacea that many consultants would like you to believe it is. Information technology is a useful and necessary business tool; but only when it is administered and utilized by your competent and well trained company team members.
  • That the cloud is an eloquent yet powerful technological tool that can assist a good business in becoming great or help a business that is experiencing organic growth address the issues that come with rapid expansion.
  • That once a company’s management team becomes familiar with the cost-value equation of ‘the cloud’ they quickly identify its need for integration as a key-competency for success.

Our view of technology, through the lens of a CFO, gives our clients more meaningfully integrated core business processes and analytics accelerating their growth.

Mike Kelly, Partner