Project Management

cloudProject Management is the third of three major tenants to the success of a new implementation or of a significant post go-live initiative.

The first two are: 1) the software being the best match and 2) a skilled implementation team.

Our project managers are certified and are also business analysts and accounting professionals, so they are able to understand the process, simplify the process and then automate the process (USA). The Project Management Team is involved from the proposal stage through no-charge quarterly meetings with your management team.

The Project Managers will create and coordinate the communication plan, the risk mitigation plan, the scoping document and the change-management plan with, among other tools that are employed. Implementations are by nature disruptive and uncomfortable. The Project Managers will minimize the negative aspects and promote the positive aspects of the project.

Project Management Services:

  • Project planning
  • Organization roles and responsibilities
  • Schedule
  • Reporting requirements
  • Data conversion plans
  • Communication and reporting
  • Issues log
  • Project budget
  • Project reports
  • Steering committee meetings
  • Project monitoring
  • Issue resolution
  • Vendor performance
  • Core team performance