Implementation Services

cloudThere is no more disruptive or uncomfortable growing pain than that of an implementation. Tactical Cloud understands this and we integrate a Change Management Plan early into our discussions regarding the implementation, so everyone can look beyond the very challenging next few months to a system that better supports their individual operations.

The following people will be assigned to your implementation: at least one functional consultant and one project manager. If your business processes require  customization, then one or more technical consultants will also be assigned to your project.

The Project Managers will minimize the negative aspects and promote the positive aspects of the project.

An Implementation Plan/Scope of Work will be created and published to a cloud-Project Management application. It will include:

  • Scope Definition – Phase 1 and beyond
  • Risk Mitigation Plan, Communication Plan, Change Management Plan, and other sub-plans
  • Stakeholder identification
  • Implementation team and individual responsibilities (Tactical Cloud and client)
  • Project methodology definition: identify the Phase 1 steps and deliverables
  • Project budget and billing definition
  • Future state design and configuration
  • Data conversion plan
  • Cutover activities